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LOGiC Pain Education

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What’s a LOGiC Pain and Injury Workshop all about?
LOGiC Pain and Injury Workshops are all about facts and reality! Let’s keep it real – we are all going to experience pain and injury at some time regardless of whatever measures we take to ‘protect’ ourselves. BUT… what you do once you are injured and in pain can have a huge bearing on how fast you recover and get back to normal activities. We may stretch, do Pilates, Yoga or some other whole-body discipline; we may take exercise or lead a sedentary lifestyle – either by choice or necessity; we may have a health condition which means we are in pain and unable to take exercise; we may have had surgery or an illness in the past which is now haunting us with symptoms we cannot manage; we may have learned how to ‘lift correctly’, how to ‘align our body correctly’ and follow these guidelines to the best of our ability – and in spite of all these things we still get injured and feel pain! That is reality. That is being human!

  • Some common dilemmas people often have are:
    Should I ignore the pain and carry on?
    How do I know when I’ve done enough movement?
    The pain killers I took for a previous injury aren’t working – why?
    The exercise my neighbour (or Google!) told me would cure me hasn’t worked – why?
    The method I usually follow when I’m hurt hasn’t worked this time – what should I do now?
    When should I seek medical advice?
    Can I mix the pills I want to take with the ones I already take?
    Why won’t a scan or X-ray help?
    Can I manage my pain better?
    Can anyone help me manage my pain or condition better?
    I’ve been told my joints are degenerating and unstable, what should I do?
    I’m in too much pain to take exercise – how can I help myself?

We will explore dilemmas and questions like these during the course of the day. See the ‘What will I learn’ section below for further details.

Who is the Workshop for?
EVERYONE!!! You may have an injury now or it might be something from the past; you may suffer regularly from pain or someone close to you may struggle with a persistent pain condition and you might want to know how you can help and support them; you may not be injured or in pain but just curious! Whether you are active or inactive, young or old, injured or fit and healthy this Workshop is suitable for everyone. No prior knowledge or understanding is required – it is my job to ensure everyone leaves having learned lots of beneficial stuff which will last for the rest of their life!

What will I learn?
The Workshop combines the latest findings and developments in Pain Science with my own nearly 15 years’ experience of working with patients with persistent and acute complex musculoskeletal conditions. During the day we explore what pain actually is – how does it happen, what does it mean, why do we get it; we look at movement and why it’s such a big deal – what happens in our body when we move stretch and exercise and how does it benefit us when we are injured or in pain, how do we know when enough is enough and when we should do more – it’s all about learning to listen for and interpret the signals our body gives us every day as to what it needs us to do; how do we know when we are safe to tackle our pain or injury ourselves and when we should seek medical advice; medication – why some pain killers don’t kill all pain, what’s the difference between anti-inflammatories and analgesics, when you should use them, when you should stop using them and when you should seek advice.

You are under no obligation to share personal details with the group, however the Workshop is interactive and you will definitely benefit more the more you are willing to participate in group activities. I request that everyone attending is respectful towards each other and remembers that pain is an individual & unique experience – it is not possible (or helpful) to compare one persons’ pain with another’s – pain thresholds are unique and this means each of us can experience the same condition in a completely different way. What is tolerable pain to you maybe intolerable to someone else!

If you are coming on the Workshop with particular requirements – something specific you would like to learn about – maybe because of a condition you or someone close to you has, please email me about it and I will do my best to include relevant information for you.

I am a great believer in body wisdom and that each one of us is the expert on ourselves – learning how to read the signals our body gives us is a skill you will cherish for the rest of your life – a LOGiC Pain and Injury Workshop is the first step to learning how to do that! I guarantee you will learn a whole heap of fascinating stuff & wonder how you ever survived without knowing it!

How will the day run?
The day will begin at 9.30 with introductions and a quick overview of the day’s activities – these may vary slightly depending on numbers & each groups’ particular requirements. There will be times when we watch short videos, slide presentations, take part in group activities and feedback to the group about the discussions we have had. We will have a mid-morning and afternoon break for refreshments and a lunch break. The Workshop will finish at around 4.30, again times may vary slightly for each group.

When’s the next Workshop?
The next Workshop is Saturday 20th October at the beautiful & tranquil Aske Stables near Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 5HJ. Cost is £50 per person, refreshments included but bring your own lunch. The venue is on the ground floor and has a self-contained kitchen with fridge/freezer, tea and coffee making facilities, ground floor toilet.

If Richmond is too far for you to travel don’t despair – I am currently scheduling a Workshop in Cumbria but the approach of Christmas & our delightful unpredictable weather means it won’t be until Spring 2019 so watch this space – if you wish to be kept in touch with the Workshop schedule please email me and I will put you on the mailing list. Otherwise keep your eye on my Facebook page @logicpaineducation where I will post details of 2019 Workshops.

How do I book?
Email me on stating which workshop you are interested in – whether you are an individual or a group of people interested in booking, and your contact details.  I will contact you to confirm details and take payment.  Payment is required before attending.  Cancellations up to 4 weeks before the date of the workshop will be refunded in full; cancellations between 4 and 2 weeks before the date of the workshop will be 50% refunded; cancellations later than 2 weeks before the date will not be refunded.  If you would prefer to call me about the workshop: 07975999373.

LOGiC Pain & Injury Workshops for Employers & Employees:

Every employer knows about sickness absences – it’s a major problem for the country – just under 9 million working days were lost in 2016/17 because of Work-Related Musculoskeletal problems – WoRMs, (eg back pain, neck pain, sciatica, repetitive strain). How much does it cost you? – not only in sick pay but in the advertising, recruitment and training of a replacement – all these things cost time and money and impact productivity. Currently we provide solutions like Manual Handling training, we do Risk Assessments and write Lifting Policies but research shows that none of these are preventing WoRMs from happening – because pain and injuries are far more complex than simply telling people how to lift and expecting that to protect them from getting injured.

  • Did you know that employees who acquire WoRMs and whose employer takes an interest in them are far less likely to end up with a persistent problem than those whose employer doesn’t take an interest?
  • Did you also know that combining pain education with manual handling training is a far more effective way of tackling back pain than manual handling training alone?

A LOGiC Pain & Injury Workshop is your opportunity to let your employees know that you are taking an interest in them and to hear from them what could be done to tackle the problems in your organisation – they will have the chance to make suggestions for how things could be improved. Let your employees know that you take their health and welfare seriously – include LOGiC Pain Education in your strategy to tackle your WoRMs problem now!

For the employer:
The LOGiC Pain Education workshop is a fun way of learning fascinating facts about pain – a subject you never knew could be so interesting!
We cover subjects like:
– What is pain – how does it happen and what does it mean?
– Activity – why and how does it help and what should I be doing?
– Medication – why some pain killers don’t kill pain! What should I use, how does it help and how I should use it wisely and safely?
We would also look at how things are done in your organisation – things that you currently do which really help your employees and things that could be improved upon when employees have WoRMs.

It is delivered as a one day workshop tailored to your organisation delivered in the workplace for up to 15 employees. There are lots of group activities and interaction – employees learn about biology and neuroscience without even realising it…

By understanding this stuff your employees are empowered to get back to normal activities faster.

After the workshop:
– You will receive a report and recommendations for your organisation.
– Follow up discussion at 2 weeks.
– Quarterly follow up with options for further workshops and Day Surgeries.

Day Surgery:
– Delivered in the workplace for up to 6 employees on a 121 basis.
– For employees who need more in depth guidance and support and a confidential space to discuss their issues.
– Tailored solutions for individuals – stretches and exercises, practical advice and information.

LOGiC Pain Education workshops empower you to get back to normal activities faster!

To get more details about costs, how to book and availability:
email me on:
or call me on 07975 999373.