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Orthopaedic Massage in Cumbria

Orthopaedic Massage treatment

The treatment incorporates deep tissue or ‘Swedish’ massage techniques with myofascial release techniques to address the more superficial soft tissue structures.

Neuromuscular techniques are used to stimulate, inhibit, strengthen or restore functional position and length to muscle tissue. Neuromuscular re-education is used to restore functional balance to muscle groups which are imbalanced because of injury, disease, overuse or repetitive strain.

Gentle joint mobilisations and decompressions are used to stimulate articular surfaces and improve joint movement.

Nerve palpation and assessment may be carried out and neurodynamic movements may be used during the treatment and taught to you for use at home in order to improve the health of your nerves, where appropriate.

It may also be beneficial to receive Intrasound treatment which involves passing sound waves through the tissues.

Kinesiotaping may also be used to rebalance or support the neuromusculoskeletal system.

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