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Orthopaedic Massage in Cumbria

Logic – Pain Education

Pain is a highly complex process involving many different interconnected systems of the body and is influenced by our psychological and emotional states as well as our physical health. My curiosity about pain over the years has led me into the field of Pain Education which I deliver to my patients either during a treatment or as a bespoke 121 session, or can be delivered to groups of people also curious about pain!

We all get pain and we all get injured – in spite of our best efforts.  What we want to know is how to manage pain better and recover faster when injury strikes – LOGiC Pain Education Workshops show you how. Visit LOGiC Pain Education to see lots of short videos about how it works and information about the Workshop Schedule in Cumbria and North Yorkshire, or see my Facebook page @logicpaineducation, or LinkedIn profile.


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