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Orthopaedic Massage in Cumbria

Logic – Pain Education

Pain is a highly complex process involving many different interconnected systems of the body and is influenced by our psychological and emotional states as well as our physical health. My curiosity about pain over the years has led me into the field of Pain Education which I deliver to my patients either during a treatment or as a bespoke 121 session, or can be delivered to groups of people also curious about pain!

Pain is something which also impacts our ability to work and is an enormous problem – within the UK 8.9 MILLION days are lost every year because of musculoskeletal problems like back pain, repetitive strain and sciatica. To help tackle this problem I have developed Logic – a Pain Education Protocol which can be delivered within the workplace to employees.

Everyone is at risk – not just manual workers – admin and secretarial occupations have very strong associations with musculoskeletal problems too! Research has shown that our current strategies of manual handling training, ergonomics, risk assessments and lifting policies are not preventing these problems arising, and that education is the missing link to make these strategies more effective.

Contact me or 07975999373 for more information about Logic and how it can help reduce workplace absences and get people back to normal activities fast!

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